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Drinking Water

Our body is composed mostly 70% of water. So the need for hydration is everyone's necessity specially for employees, clients and at home, your family . Nowadays, drinking water gets pricey. and not to mention how heavy it is to lug those 5 gallon bottles. We, however provide a cheaper  and a much healthier alternative to bottled water.


How to Choose the Best Water Filtration Setup that will Fit Your Needs

  • Pre Filtration- Know if your building has old or new plumbing so we can add a suitable sediment filtration to remove rust and other particles that may clog-up the Main Filtration System prematurely.
  • Carbon Filtration - Chemical disinfectant in your city water needs to be removed to attain healthier drinking water. Carbon filtration will remove chemicals from your water supply. Chemical molecules are adsorbed by the micropores of the active carbon once water pass through this media it will result in fresh-tasting drinking water.
  •  In some cities, they use Chloramine to sanitize the City water supply you will need an extra Chloramine Carbon filtration installed before the Activated Carbon. Chlorine mixed with Ammonia forms Chloramine to stabilize the free chlorine in some city's water supply, It is advisable to check with your city if they are using this system. By experience, if you notice your toilet flushes by itself because it's rubber flapper shrunk, most probably your city switched to chloramine and its time to replace them with a chloramine resistant flapper.
  • Dissolved Solids Micro Filtration - In some cities that derive their water supplies from well water, minerals get dissolved in the water and it is still safe to drink but the taste quality diminished. To address this situation we need to decrease the number of minerals dissolved in your water. This is attained by forcing the water through a membrane to let water with up to 90% lesser mineral concentration be collected for drinking consumption. This method is what is known as RO or Reverse Osmosis. This system has many components It has waste by-products of a much concentrated dissolved mineral in this wastewater that needs to be drained while the system is producing drinking water. Another thing to consider is water tank storage volume in case you have a lot of people to serve.
  • Post Filtration - This stage is similar to carbon filtration this option is used for back-up in case the product drinking water is stored in a separate tank in an RO Microfiltration. 
  •  This filtration stage is also used if the main filtration system is located remotely and before the product water gets into the cooler a post-filter can be installed to the point-of-use water dispenser.
  •  This is also helpful if there is high demand usage during break times.





Bottleless Drinking Water Coolers

Bottleless Water coolers

Now you can have unlimited supply of drinking water with a fraction of the cost of bottled water. You can either rent or purchase these machines. This system is back by multi stage filtration, reverse osmosis and carbon filtration. These Bottleless filtered water coolers will dispense three temperature drinking water.Chilled water to quench your thirst. Hot water to make tea, coffee or cup of instant soup. Lastly, room temperature drinking water for cooking, for your pets, or for your plants.

  • We offer a sensational rental program at affordable cost.
  • Become bottle free and eliminate heavy water bottles to lift , this way your company can prevent work related injuries such as backpain.
  • Save those those precious water bottle storage space.
  • Pure & Endless drinking water, with 97% contaminant removal.
  • On our rental program, you'll get a Brand New Bottleless Water Cooler installed.
  • Our technicians are professionally trained to service all filtration needs: cooler installation, filtration, plumbing and sanitation.
  • We offer precise Service & Maintenance schedules to ensure that your filters are changed regularly.
  • We only use Premium filters, which are also included in the rental program at no additional charge.
  • We are available from Monday-Friday to respond to all service needs within 24 hours or less.

You can choose from standing to countertop units. Equipment setup is done within an hour.

Call us at 1-661-310-3128 or email:info@purewatercenter.us for more information 



Call us at 1-661-310-3128

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